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Little Lovely Paws™ Dog Mesh Gate

Little Lovely Paws™ Dog Mesh Gate

Little Lovely Paws™ Dog Mesh Gate

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This safe gate is the easiest and most discreet way to protect pets all around the house

Pet Parents:

You are the Alpha in the house. But, as your pet roams around your house, watching you clean up ALL the fur and mess they leave on every couch and carpet... they start to see Themselves as the Kings & Queens of the Castle!

So say goodbye to old, clunky eye-sore gates and keep your pets in place with the modern update: sleek design and easy installation. Keep your house clean and prevent misbehavior with our new pet gate.

Made by dog lovers, for dog lovers 

Don´t want your dog coming to just any room of your house? This safety gate is the easiest and most convenient way to keep your dog from freely wandering around in the house. It´s perfect doorways, between walls or stairwells and it can easily be moved from one place to another when needed.

Restrict Access

The main purpose of this dog fence is to limit your dogs access to your home. There are also some instances where you need to keep your dogs off of certain areas in your home. This mesh net is the best tool to use to keep your dog in a certain area while you have house guests giving you a visit. This is the better option rather than sending your dogs outside while you entertain your guests inside your home. It is also ideal if you have babies and you want to keep your dog away from your baby.


Works well for my Australian Cattle Dogs that shed 365 days a year. I have also found that it works great on my horses when they shed out their winter coats. I now keep one in the house and one in the barn.

Marc S.

This works great! Only after 5 minutes of using the teeth side I get a ton of hair off of my aussies. My frenchie prefers the rubber side of it but overall glad to have purchased it.

Carolyn V.

They loved it, well sized and very comfortable. The little one loves to do their needs on soft surfaces, I hope this bed is the exception!

Cathrin M.

This brush is amazing. When I tell you it pulled crazy hair off my GSD I'm not lying. I was in awe at how much hair came off him. Worth every penny!

Amber A.

My dog used to be super nervous when I was not around or I was about to leave, but I noticed that after getting this bed he spends most of the time there and maybe it calms him. My cat is so jealous!

Emily R.

perfect! so soft & plenty of cushioning. I ordered the 60cm so my chihuahuas could cuddle together. perfect size for them! thanks so much!

Mireya A.
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